MalumNator Takes Fans On Nostalgic Journey With Velaphi

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Sizwe Alfred Mthimunye, better known as MalumNator, is a South African vocalist, songwriter, DJ, Producer and platinum-selling artist from Ekurhuleni.

MalumNator has been in the music business since the age of 13, where he has focused on deep house and tribal house.

Sizwe’s first Amapiano song was with DJ Ntokzin and Jaivane, where his career in the genre started to grow, but he jetted off with the hit track ‘Msholozi’ ft. De Mthuda and Ntokzin.

He’s released his latest single, titled ‘Velaphi‘.

‘Velaphi’ is a captivating Amapiano song inspired by the popular South African drama series of the same name, which used to air on SABC 1.

This dance anthem takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, bringing back memories of the compelling storyline and emotionally charged moments from the TV show.

The song “Velaphi” masterfully captures the essence of the drama’s plotline and translates it into the vibrant sounds and infectious rhythms of the Amapiano genre, echoing the emotions and struggles of the characters in the series.

As listeners groove to the captivating amapiano rhythms of “Velaphi,” they can’t help but be transported back to the dramatic moments that captivated millions of viewers on SABC 1.

This song acts as both a celebration of the series’ success and a tribute to the unforgettable characters and their intertwining stories.

‘Velaphi’ is more than just a song; it’s a musical reflection of the impact and resonance that the old drama holds in the hearts of its devoted fans.

Through the fusion of Amapiano and the essence of the show, this song serves as a bridge between the past and the present, reviving memories and inviting new listeners to discover the captivating world of ‘Velaphi’.


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