SOA Mattrix and Soulful G tell their uThando story through visuals

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Following the great reception of the song ‘uThando’, Soulful G, SOA Mattrix and Shaun101 have finally paired this beautiful song with equally mesmerising visuals.

Dropped Friday 2 October, the music video for uThando plays out a sweet love story in the streets of Soweto, which sees Soulful G and SOA Mattrix playing the couple in the music video.

The video begins with Soulful G walking down the streets of Zone 6, and SOA Mattrix takes note of the beautiful lady walking down the street and he proceeds to approach her, at first she’s a little resistant but eventually gives in and they spend the day together listening to music and having a good time.

The next day they are looking all cute at a local park on what seems to be a cute date and they are taking pictures and playing around at the merry-go-rounds.

The story later develops to SOA Mattrix surprising Soulful G with a new house in the suburbs and he is driving a new fancy car.

The scenes in between, of them recording music in a backroom room insinuate that their success was driven by the music not only in the music video, but in real life as well.

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