DJ Lyndrish releases something sweet

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Dj Lyndrish (Malindrish a nickname from her mother) is formally known as Linda Mvoko. She worked as an HR Executive before transitioning into music.

She describes music as her first love as she was set to study music in varsity, however plans changed, and she took a different route.

After leaving her mark in the corporate field Lyndrish is ready to find her feet in the music industry. Some may know her through her featured song with DJ Cndo –Owami.

Her single Something Sweet, speaks about being drawn to an individual and a moment of desire which drives you back to the individual despite the circumstance.

Recording Something Sweet was such an easy process, she called DJ Chase, headed to studio and in a few hours the single was ready.

The single was then engineered and mastered by the award-winning Dj Chymamusique.

She is also a well-known house DJ who prides herself in her ability to read the crowd, she finds joy whenever the crowd is
satisfied with her sets.

DJ Lyndrish has played in Clubs around South Africa, if it’s a hit event you’ll find her on the line-up.

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