Oscar Mbo on being Isgubhu cover star & hardships of music

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Apple Music just announced deep house DJ, Oscar Mbo (real name Oscar Mbongeni Ndlovu), as the latest Isgubhu cover star to mark the release of his new 4-track EP, Defenders of House,.

“It’s an unexplainable feeling to be honoured with such an auspicious cosign. Being a deep house DJ in an era where there isn’t much of it being circulated in the mainstream can be disheartening at times, but the love of music, deep house music, has kept us going. With Apple Music recognising us at one of the highest levels, is a huge honour. It shows that if you stay true and authentic to who you are and the things you love, anything is possible!”

Making a name for himself on the deep house scene in mid-2019 with the release of his eclectic debut EP Life & Love, Oscar quickly followed this up with the release of his debut album Golden Power.

Honing his talents by headlining clubs all over the country, Oscar eventually attracted the attention of fellow house connoisseur, DJ Shimza, who invited him to the iconic Djoon Club in Paris to perform at his One Man Show.

As a staple fixture on radio stations across the country, from UKhozi FM and Metro FM to TransAfrica Radio and Motsweding FM, Mbo has rubbed shoulders on stage with DJ Christos, Vinny Da Vinci, Black Coffee, former Isgubhu cover artist Jullian Gomes, as well as many more.

Oscar has also created an exclusive Isgubhu playlist that showcases the extensive nature of SA’s electronic and dance scene.

“There is so much talent in South Africa. It may not always come from the expected places however there is a lot of it. Apple Music is the perfect place to discover these talents, particularly when it comes to Isgubhu because this campaign chooses the leaders of the sound to take control of the narrative. This playlist, like the campaign, is a true reflection of the landscape of the current Africa dance space. Beyond that, the playlist tells a beautiful musical story and I hope that it will resonate with everyone who gets to listen to it,”

Oscar explains.

Taking over Isgubhu By… for this month is South African electronic music producer and DJ, Darque (real name Molapo Malatji).

Raised on the sounds of Afro-jazz and influenced by African greats like Salif Keita and Fela Kuti, Darque set out to become an intermediary between good music and the masses.

Having worked with Black Coffee, Da Capo, Kyle Deutsch, Bucie and more, Darque has established himself as the go-to guy for sensual and Afro-rooted sounds.

“For my Isghubu By… I’ve put together a list of albums by my peers, ranging from Sun-El Musician, Aquatone, Artwork Sounds and EnoSoul that I enjoy and am inspired by. These albums are some of the best dance albums to come out of Africa!”

he exclaims.

Launched earlier this year, Isgubhu is the definitive home of African Dance and Electronic music on Apple Music and spotlights and elevates the work of African Electronic DJs, producers and creatives.

Isgubhu, a Zulu word meaning beat and used to refer to a banging song, pays homage to an evergreen set of genres and the African artists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the Dance and Electronic scene across the world.

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