Look out for this talented Amapiano artist on the rise – F3 Dipapa

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George Modikwe born 18 October 1988, popularly known as F3 Dipapa is a multitalented artist. We classify the music maestro as an artist because of his creative nature of beat making, singing, rapping among many of his talents.

Born and bred in the West of Johannesburg, Mogale City in the small community of Kagiso, F3 Dipapa is known as a musical thespian, who was signed to an independent record label and production house, Mawaza ENT. Productions. F3 Dipapa started off as a club DJ, playing at local clubs.

His musical influences, surprisingly, are musicians like Fela Kuti, Chico Thwala, Brenda Fassie, The late Brown Dash, Trompies, Alaska and just Lebo Mathosa to mention but a few.

In this new and exciting chapter of his career , F3 Dipapa is ready to take over the music sphere with his vast knowledge of music and production. He is excited for the 2022 calendar as he will be showcasing new music under the Black is Brown stable and reminding his audience about his true talent in the music world.

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