Get To Know African Electronic Music DJ – TENOCEANS

by admin

We caught up with the gorgeous African electronic music DJ TENOCEANS at the Jägermeister Night Embassy Joburg event which took place on 15 June at the Old JSE Building in Newtown, Johannesburg.

TENOCEANS was booked to perform as she played a thirty minute set right after Lincoln Long from 21:30 to 22:00 as she opened up for Rea Da Soul, her set consisted of many house sub-genres and she says she enjoyed every minute.

TTENOCEANS’s style intends simultaneously to ground you in your bodily self and elevate you to a realm of spiritual experience.

She maintains a strict demeanor- powering the sharpest female caliber in an oh-so-male dominated playground. In this new era of music, TENOCEANS is paving the way – teasing across the genres of deep-tech, melodic techno, progressive house and fusing her love for afro-soul into electronic remixes.


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