Apple Music Home Session Features Amapiano Whizz-kid Musa Keys

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South African Amapiano beatmaker, Musa Keys (real name Musa Makamu) releases his own stripped down Apple Music Home Session.  Apple Music’s Home Sessions feature reimagined signature songs and thoughtful covers recorded by artists at home.

“Lockdown taught me that I’m capable of anything I put my mind to. I’ve also bettered my craft and my sound changed and elevated as a whole. It also made me realize that ‘MOMMA RAISED A SUPERSTAR!’”

Keys tells Apple Music. 

“These songs for my Apple Music Home Session are very close to my heart and the musical dynamics around them are delicious, that’s why I picked them.”

The Home Session EP, available to stream on Apple Music in Spatial Audio, will feature four exclusive unplugged tracks from the hitmaker (a medley of “Possible”, “Kancane” and “Your Body”, as well as “Wena” off his debut album TAYO), including two unreleased tracks called “Big Choppa” and “Selema/Sphalaphala”. 
Born and raised in Ivy Park, Limpopo, Keys successfully produced his first song at 14-years-old, laying the foundation for his career as a beatmaker and producer to flourish from an early age, ultimately going on to produce mammoth chart-topping hits like his debut single “Samarian Boy” and the smash hit, “Vula Mlomo” featuring Sir Trill and Nobantu Vilakazi.
Discover this exclusive Apple Music Home Session EP today that highlights Musa Keys’ knack for creating lush melodies no matter what the recording and performance circumstance.

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