Fezeka Dlamini embarks on a tour with Mfana Kah Gogo

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The grade 11 rising star, Fezeka Dlamini in celebration of Youth month embarked on a high school tour and charity drive with label mate Mfana Kah Gogo.

The tour kicked off the youth month festivities, it came after the release of Fezeka’s debut single release ‘Ukhalelani’ featuring Mfana Kah Gogo . ‘Ukhalelani’ is an uplifting youth anthem about tough love and encouragement accompanied by a great melody.

Speaking about the importance of her academics amid her musical career;

“I take my academics seriously, my academics are plan A and music career is plan B. Music can be here now and gone tomorrow, knowledge will always be there to keep you surviving. The things you learn now will help you in the future.”

Speaking about the tour and charity Drive Fezeka shared;

“The tour speaks to the songs messaging uplifting the youth and celebrating the achievements of young people overcoming hardships and academic wins.”

She continued to talk about the Charity drive;

“On Youth day we had a charity drive for the families that were displaced because of the floods. It broke my heart to see that a lot of people had lost their homes and showed me I should be grateful for what I have. It also warmed my heart that I could give them a little happiness through our performances and what we gave them. What makes me happy is not the camera’s and pictures but that I was there to help and spread joy.”

Speaking about the importance of Youth Day/month and its representation;

“As a young person, I appreciated the youth that fought for my education and freedom. Youth Day for me is a day where we stop for a minute to embrace and celebrate their strength. Youth Month to me is about strength because the youth of 1976 were willing to die for their rights. They were brave and stood up for the truth.”

On Thursday,16TH June 2022, Fezeka in partnership with her label Durban Based Entertainment and other local stakeholders had a Charity drive in support of those affected by the KZN Floods and commemorate Youth Day at Kwandengezi hall, for displaced families. Fezeka, Mfana Kah Gogo and Bobo Mbhele alongside other members of Durban Base Entertainment handed over blankets, and food and provided entertainment in the form of jumping castles for kids and artists’ performances.

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