Amapiano HALALA hitmaker Kay Invictus chats new EP 0202

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Kay Invictus is about to drop his highly anticipated EP, 0202, via Sony Music Entertainment Africa. Born and bred in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, Kabelo Pooe, famously known as Kay Invictus, has taken Amapiano by storm with his most recent single, Halala.

And now, he’s about to strike again with his upcoming EP, 0202. The 28-year-old DJ was raised around music. His father being a huge collector of records and uncle being a DJ, it was pretty clear that he was destined to make waves in the music industry.

His musical journey was tough at first, but after finding his sound he realised that only hard work, effort and staying true to himself is what it’s going to take to reach new heights.

Since then, he’s worked with Mr JazziQ, F3 Dipapa and Josiah De Disciple. In 2021, Kay Invictus joined Black is Brown Entertainment, which put his talents on the map and ultimately grew his brand.

The hit single, Halala by Mr JazziQ, Kay Invictus & M.J (Feat. Mellow & Sleazy), showcases his vast musical talent. Not only was it made for us to get up and dance, but it also has a beautiful message to it. The meaning behind the song is that “izinto ziyahlangana, uMama akasakhali and through hard work uzophumelela” as Kay Invictus likes to put it.

It’s a reminder that no matter what, you will have your ‘Halala’ moment and at the end of the day, everything will be ok. Invictus’ upcoming EP, 0202 is set to be released on 29 July 2022.

This is his first ever project, and this time, we’ll be getting a rendition of his story and where he draws his inspiration. Some notable features include Sizwe Alakine, M.J and F3 Dipapa. The name of the EP is actually his birthday, this gifted Aquarian was born on the 2 nd of February.

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