Aisia Casanova on moving from America to Africa & passion for music

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Aisia Casanova is an American, Angola-based multi-genre singer and songwriter. Although originally from Texas, she has an impressive international travel background adding to her experiences prevalent in the diversity of her music.

Aisia relocated to Luanda, in Angola, where she in active pursuit of her music career, co-founded a company called ooJah Productions. She has since been collaborating with various local talent in Angola and cross African borders.

On 2nd August 2019, she released an infectious house groove, “Push And Pull” which served as her debut. The single landed on multiple major stations, playlists, laying a solid foundation for her music career.

On 2nd April 2021, she released “Twin Flame Love”, an afrobeat record meddled with piano keys chased by an erotic electric guitar. The song served as the title track and a second lead single to her debut EP.

On 30th April 2021, she released “Twin Flame Love” EP serving as her debut full body musical work. The Afrocentric inspired musical body is comprised of five records with a sonic DNA derived from Pop, Jazz and Electronic Dance Music with Angolan and South African production influence.

“Twin Flame Love” EP follows a concept story about star-crossed lovers. In this EP, Aisia narrates a tale of a tumultuous relationship between fated souls where the dynamic is a cycle of fiery passion and icy tension.

In celebration of Angola’s Independence Day, on 11th November 2020, Aisia Casanova teamed up with Angolan musician, M-Deponde on “Ombembwa Octhisola”. The song is an optimistic and patriotic African contemporary anthem celebrating the beauty and harmony of Angola while advancing unity. The spoken word poetry and singing is delivered in an Angolan native
language Umbundu, Portuguese and English. The song was also featured on one the biggest African music portals, Music In Africa.

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