DJ Zinhle and Mvzzle reunite on another collabo NGISIMAMISE

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DJ Zinhle and Mvzzle met on the set of the popular SABC DJ talent show 1s and 2s, then went on to create together the hit single Umlilo.

Since Umlilo, the duo, have always wanted to work together on another track and the opportunity presented itself with their latest single, Ngisimamise.

“I have a lot of ideas in my head, and working with Mvzzle has given me so much confidence because he believes in my ideas and he is able to translate them into music. We work very well together, he has his strengths in studio and I have mine. We always find a middle ground,”

said DJ Zinhle when asked about how does it feel to be releasing another single with Mvzzle.

Ngisimamise also features Sindi Nkosazana, the multi talented vocalist and song writer.

Mvzzle introduced DJ Zinhle to Sindi and the DJ knew immediately that she wanted to work with her.

“She is super talented, and her energy is amazing”

says DJ Zinhle.

Ngisimamise is a song of hope, of which is always the essence of DJ Zinhle’s music. She absolutely loves releasing music that inspires her listeners.

“Ngisimamise means “Lift me up” and I am reminding my Listeners of this promise from God, We took this song to different environments and switched it up/ adjusted according to the reception at different places, until we finally got “theee” sound!”

– Dj Zinhle.

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