MgucciFab Shows Growth and Evolution in Three New Singles

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Multi-talented DJ, vocalist, and industry personality, MgucciFab TheDJ, is set to drop a triple threat of singles this Friday, ahead of the release of her debut project.

This Friday the 25th of November, we get treated to three songs from her six track EP, The Evolution of Mgucci Fab.

The three singles, ‘Mandisa’, ‘Ibiza’, and ‘Syo Jabula’ make up the first phase of Mgucci Fab’s rollout for the season.

Mgucci Fab describes herself as a problem solver, an intellect, and a creative which makes her a slightly complex yet influential individual in society.

Although she comes from a strict background where music was seen as a hobby and not a career, she aims to change that narrative.

The Evolution of Mgucci Fab is an ode to the budding artist’s journey through not only life but also music.

From industrial engineering to DJing and from DJing to being a full-on performing artist, the EP details the life and times of the artist and the person behind the art.

“The evolution is like a journey through the stages of my life. This journey began at a point where I was forced to start believing in myself”

– shares MgucciFab TheDJ sincerely.

Her first body of work came with a lot of self-realization. The songs on the EP lean towards an Amapiano sound, however, because of the diversity and uniqueness of each feature, the sonic quality comes across as a lot more mature and different from what you’ve heard before.

The full project sees features and collaborations from Vigro Deep, Mhaw Keys, Dr Mario, Jay Sax, JayMusic, and DBN Gogo, which can only mean it’s bound to be a fusion of the best sounds.

With this debut EP, MgucciFab TheDJ adds to her long list of accolades.

“It’s a summary of realization, actualization, and just accepting who you are meant to be”

– MgucciFab TheDJ.

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