AyaProw Releases A New EP Titled An Aries

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AyaProw just released a brand new EP titled An Aries. The projects shares some stories about being on the rise and having a positive outlook on vulnerability on songs such as “ZizoJikizinto” as well as “Injabulo”.

He worked with a creative team of producers and engineers such as the likes of Eight08, Audio Addicts, NaCo, DJ Stresser, Given Kau and L Shine.

“I decided to work on “An Aries” which defines who I have been to who I am right now, the journey of healing is not easy and it’s lonely”

he shares.

AyaProw’s choice of production curation has a special way of putting a lyrical spin over log-drum-laden instrumentation, creating a world for each song.

Here is the track list:

1) ZizoJikizinto – AyaProw & Eight08ICU ft Machine 11, Mgiftoz SA and Ora Dee
2) Save me – AyaProw & Audio Addicts ft Kwazi M
3) Injabulo – AyaProw & NaCo ft Lu Ngobo and L Shine
4) Nkosi Yam ft Thatohatsi
5) Xhosa Mermaid by AyaProw, Dj Stresser and Given Kanu
6) Vudu – AyaProw & Audio Addicts

Stream or Download here: https://songwhip.com/ayaprow/an-aries

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