Apple Music announces DBN Gogo as the latest Isgubhu cover star

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Apple Music announces Amapiano producer and DJ DBN Gogo (real name Mandisa Radebe) as the next Isgubhu cover star.

“This playlist is a reflection of who I am and the type of music I make, that inspires me and that I listen to,”

she tells Apple Music.

“It includes some of my favourite work that I’ve produced, and some African dance classics that have influenced my sound and career.  “A big shoutout to my fam at Apple Music for all the love and support. Honoured to be chosen for the second time. House is my home,”

she tells Apple Music. 

DBN Gogo’s rich cultural upbringing is testament to the Durban-born DJ and producer being a sponge of culture that reflects in her eclectic sound. Growing up in Pretoria, the home of Bacardi, undoubtedly shaped her sound as she became a willing ambassador for the genre taking Amapiano to the world.

Since the release of her debut track “Khuza Gogo” (2021) this Amapiano doyenne has cemented her status as one of the most unique and exciting artists to come from South Africa in recent years.

Her latest EP Click Bait (2023), available to stream on Apple Music, is a sonic atlas that takes advantage of Amapiano’s adaptability to demonstrate her versatile taste, incorporating elements of Afrotech and old-school EDM with ease.   

To celebrate her feature, DBN Gogo has also created an exclusive Isgubhu playlist that features an eclectic selection of tracks that she considers important and holds dear to her.

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