Imthandazo music video clocks in 11 million views

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Kabza De Small and Mthunzi have, in the last quarter of 2023, came together to release an unimaginable project titled ‘ISIMO’.

The prowess of ‘ISIMO’ has went on to receive praises from everyone who has experienced it. Could the success of ‘ISIMO’ be feasibly attributed to its lead single ‘IMITHANDAZO’, which has managed to have a music video that has hit 10 million views on YouTube with just a little over a month after its release?

IMITHANDAZO’, is Nguni (Zulu) for “prayers” where the message being conveyed in the song is that “God please hear the prayers from your children and release the spirit of success on to them”.

Through that the song has occurred immense success with over 16 million streams across Digital Streaming Platforms and 10 million views on YouTube.

The visuals of ‘IMITHANDAZO’, which have been enjoyed by millions, encapsulate the serenity of peace and harmony when one connects with the spirituality of themselves.

It involves scenes of nature, being in front of the flowing water from the river and a Holy space of a church. Thus, having Mthunzi, Kabza De Small, Sizwe Alakine, Young Stunna and  Umthakathi Kush in white garments that have a sprinkle of other colours such as black in other scenes has the music video enjoying the purity that comes with redefining oneself alongside angels and holiness.

IMITHANDAZO’ has enjoyed being one of the anthems for the 2023 festive season. It is currently holding the status of being one of the biggest songs in the country.

Easter holidays are around the corner, and it can be certain that the music video would be celebrating more millions to its views then. Plus, it can be certified as a classic that people will be enjoying for many more years to come!

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