Leemckrazy Cancels Amsterdam Debut Due to Payment Dispute

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Rising Amapiano artist Linda Mnisi, known by his stage name Leemckrazy, has regrettably announced the cancellation of his highly anticipated debut performance in Amsterdam.

The cancellation comes as a result of a payment dispute with the event organizers of Pianoworld, scheduled to take place at Club Inn Amsterdam on Saturday, May 4, 2024.

In a statement released by Leemckrazy, he expressed deep disappointment in the turn of events, citing the failure of the event promoters to fulfill their contractual obligations. Despite receiving only a deposit payment, the organizers failed to refund the funds utilized during the visa processing, leaving Leemckrazy and his team without the necessary arrangements for travel and accommodation.

“I was due to fly out to the Netherlands on May 3 to perform at Pianoworld, but unfortunately, the promoter has failed to keep up their end of the contract,”

expressed Leemckrazy.

“They only paid the deposit and failed to refund us the money used during the visa process. Even today, we do not have flight tickets or a place to stay. I was looking forward to my Amsterdam debut, but I am sure I will see you soon.”

The cancellation of Leemckrazy’s performance in Amsterdam marks a significant setback for both the artist and his fans, who were eagerly awaiting his international debut. Despite the disappointment, Leemckrazy remains optimistic about future opportunities to connect with his global audience and promises to reschedule a performance in Amsterdam at the earliest opportunity.

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