Kaylow is back with Roots Of Azania

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One of SA’s best male soulful vocalists – has delivered another dance floor hit alongside a fresh sound, beat with thumbing baseline and melodic keys and vocals – Kaylow is back with a classic collaboration with dance music producer Roots Of Azania.

Umuntu Wami is simply about expressing your love for “your person”. After so many years, the person is still your best friend, partner, lover and all you could wish for and you want to settle down with the person BUT… (To be continued…)

Umuntu Wami is certainly a soulful classic! This is an all occasion banger with more versions to be released, this is set to be a song for any occasion.

With a full EP to be released before December, this project pace setter gives us a taste of an anticipated classic EP.  This is one to look forward to.

Music written and produced by Roots of Azania from his forthcoming dance EP titled CODE RED featuring industrial household names such as Kaylow, Mbuso Khoza, Donald Sheffey, Maleh, the new sensational group Amani Muzik and Stoan from Bongo Maffin, this EP is set to be on your playlists, download folders and streams; it is definitely a massive introductive EP not to be missed.

Roots Of Azania also produced and wrote Kaylow’s studio album title track “War For You” and has worked with Black Motion, Nape, Nicky P, Joi Cardwell, Judith Sephuma, Jaziel Brothers, Maleh (Malehloka Halele), Louie Vega, Glenn Underground, Boodhi Satva, Phil Asher, Manoo, Rocco and many more proving why he is a respected and reputable producer in the dance music industry.

Asked about what influenced the track production; the publicly rare speaking producer says, “I have always loved Kaylow’s voice and writing skills, and felt it was the right track to have a collar with him. He loved it when I sent it through, he drove to the studio the same day and we ended up with a whole project collaboration coming soon”.

Kaylow in response says; “I was impressed by the beat and listened to it while at the gym and instantly loved the dizzy hook, sent it to Roots, drove to him straight after gym and within 4 four hours we had the track done. We have a very good chemistry so our sessions are always amazing and can’t wait for the world to hear what’s coming, it’s a warning. And a strong one”.

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