Gaba Cannal closes off the year with 10 track album Deepest Gratitude

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It is without a doubt that 2022 has been a musical bliss for the Johannesburg-born muso, Khaka Yena, who is popularly known as Gaba Cannal.

The successful release of his EP titled Agape had the soothing vocals of Russell Zuma healing people from their heartaches with the smash hit Healer Ntlizyo Yam featuring George Lesley.

Gaba Cannal shows gratitude for the immense support he has received throughout the year with a new 10-track studio album titled Deepest Gratitude.

The project consists of different voices touching on various subjects like forgiveness, introspection, love, and encouragement

says Gaba Cannal.

“Sino Msolo narrates a story of going days without seeing his sweetheart in the opening track, which features producer Gipla Spin. He describes how he longs to spend quality time with his better half in the lead single Imini Yonke, while Dearson speaks about how he is more cautious about life decisions and not rushing into anything without thinking it through. Russell Zuma and Xavi Yentin pen down a plea for forgiveness after realizing their wrongdoings towards their loved ones. Mshengu tells a story of one drowning their sorrows in a bottle while facing life challenges and being able to turn to a higher power for strength to keep going after a deep introspection in the single Alcohol Abuser”

Gaba elaborates.

In true Gaba Cannal fashion, he has collaborated with numerous big names and emerging talent.

Some include Dearson, Gipla Spin, Jay Sax, KandyBeats, Moscow on Keyz, Mshengu, The Myth, TourchardDJ, Sino Msolo and Xavi Yentin.

Listeners can follow @realgabacannal on Instagram for updates on where he will be performing. The Imini Yonke lead single and the Deepest Gratitude Album will be available on all digital streaming platforms from 18 November 2022.

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