TNS snaps back with yet another EP titled God First

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The award-winning artist who goes by the name TNS is proud to announce his new EP titled God First. The star has produced a lot of club bangers in the past couple of years.

He needed to be closer and give gratitude to God in 2023 as his bar keeps on rising higher because of the grace of Unkulunkulu.

This star-studded body of work features the likes of Scelo, Zaba, Skillz, and Jojo, and he aims to empower young, upcoming artists that look up to him as a testament that everything is possible when you put your mind to it.

The melodies and the message of this masterpiece speak to your soul and brings you nearer to God and prayer so that those who are planning your downfall don’t succeed. It also has a feel of motivation to keep on believing in what you do and what you are called for.

To get a better understanding of the EP from the man himself,

We asked him a few questions:

Q: Why did you choose the title “God First”? What is the reason behind the title?
TNS: I chose the title “God First” because it’s time I came out and expressed how faithful he’s been to me. With this EP, I thank Him for keeping me under his wing and protecting me when the devil is trying so hard to take my soul away from me.

Q: What inspired your features?
TNS: What inspired my features is that I love listening to other people’s music and supporting them, even in other genres. I love Zaba, Scelo, Skillz, Jojo Music, and South African music as a whole.

Q: What is your favorite song on the EP and why?
TNS: My favorite songs on the EP are 4AM and KUBI because the melodies and message speak to me, and KUBI inspires me to be strong. 4AM Beat motivates me to make more music for dance nation people.

Q: What motivated the EP?
TNS: What motivated the EP was feeling the presence of God while doing it; that’s why I even named it “God First.”

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