Sun El-Musician and Msaki reimagine ‘Ubomi Abumanga’

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In this era of collaboration, a special music video has emerged from Sun-El Musician and Msaki with “Follow The Sunset”, a reimagined version of the hit song, “Ubomi Abumanga”, featuring the voice of nature.

Recorded with all the glory of an African sunset on Llandudno Beach in Cape Town, Sun-El’s musical genius and Msaki’s stunning vocals were inspired to celebrate the eternal turn of the day into night, an opportunity for rest, and restoring a sense of peace.

“Ubomi Abumanga – Follow The Sunset”, is a lush, orchestral call to acknowledge that little moments make life beautiful.

The original version of “Ubomi Abumanga” (“life hasn’t stopped”) was the second single off Sun-El’s 2020 album “To The World And Beyond”.

Featuring Msaki, the song came soon after the end of the Covid pandemic and spoke to overcoming hardships and challenges at that time with the message that “the sun will come out”.

Now available on YouTube, the beautifully shot video is a powerful call to finding oneself in nature and features Sun-El and Msaki on Llandudno beach, as well as scenes from the rocks overlooking the ocean as the sun sets.

Sun El-Musician and Msaki walk around Llandudno Beach, Cape Town, recording natural sounds that redefined the new mood for ‘Ubomi Abumanga’.

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