The boogieman of Amapiano De Mthuda is back

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“The boogieman” of Amapiano, De Mthuda, is back, and he’s here to collect what’s on his new album, Baba Yaga.

The 10-track album shows off everything we’ve come to love about De Mthuda and more: crisp production, scintillating features, and a range of songs that are ready to become the soundtrack to our December.

Baba Yaga’s lead single, Muntu Wam, will set the tone for what listeners can expect from the new record. The song sees De Mthuda returning to work with long-time collaborators Da Muziqal Chef, while he features Sino Msolo and Murumba Pitch on the vocals.

After listening to snippets for weeks, fans will finally be glad that, starting today, they’ll be able to add Muntu Wam and more favourites from De Mthuda’s new album.

The Vosloorus-born DJ has truly established himself as one of the leaders of the Amapiano movement over the past few years.

It’s been non-stop work for the hitmaker, who has released several albums and even more singles, including the iconic 2021 anthem, John Wick. The song would go on to serve as a precursor for what was to come next as De Mthuda went on to bring the Baba Yaga, the nickname given to John Wick in the iconic films, to life.

De Mthuda – By The Numbers

They say, “the numbers don’t lie” and in the case of De Mthuda that couldn’t be true. Along with achieving incredible popularity, De Mthuda has also reached platinum and gold status on several occasions. Here are some of his key stats:

Total Streams: 621 000 000

Audio Streams: 589 000 000

Video Streams: 32 000 000

Dakwa Yini – 17 470 units – Gold

Maplankeng – 16 359 units – Gold

uMsholozi – 87 737 units – 4* Platinum

John Wick – 181 885 units – 9* Platinum

Abekho Ready – 140 313 units – 7* Platinum

Emlanjeni – 90 917 units – 4* Platinum

Jola – 102 524 units – 5* Platinum

Khanda Liyazula – 15 432 units – Gold

Buya – 16 142 units – Gold

Sgudi Snyc – 68 152 units – 3* Platinum

iThuba – 17 765 units – Gold

Umona – 20 215 units – Platinum


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