DJ Skaro collaborates with Focalistic on Kea Gae

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Tzaneen-born producer-DJ Dr Skaro has ensured there was a track released this year to speak to familial and common ills faced by society today.

Whether it was his debut single of the year “Ae Enough,” speaking on effects of being a breadwinner. Or the cheaters’ anthem “Ake Joli,” and his last single “Moruti;” detailing the dangers of false pastors. Dr Skaro has used his music to detail real life occurrences.

Not steering far away from this ethos, the “Dilo Txaka” hitmaker delivers his latest single “Kea Gae.” A track he teamed with President ya Straata Focalisict, and features Sosha’s Pat Medina, Richie Teanet and Sleazy Musiq.

The upbeat, pop-inspired single is an anthem for anyone looking for an uplifting single to continue pursuing your dream. Focalistic opens the single detailing the importance of not spending your money on the superfluous and focusing on spending your money on the important things like your family.

“Kea Gea” highlights the negative side of club-culture like overspending and encourages the listener to remember the importance of home and continuing to support your family instead of prioritising the “high life.” The song hinges on the catchy hook delivered by Foca.

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