Josiah De Disciple is ready to invite listeners on Satori

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Having established himself as a pioneer of the modern amapiano sound, Josiah De Disciple is ready to invite listeners on a new journey with his latest work of art, Satori.

The album pre-add will be available on Friday 26 January 2024, it promises to be a revelation in this year’s music scene.

In Zen Buddhism, the term Satori means awakening or enlightenment—a fitting title for an artist who has established himself as a groundbreaker across amapiano.

Josiah’s vision shines through in each track, from the album’s opener Mesiya.

Headline tracks including Memeza, Khetaeyakho and Kuzoba Ncono are closely earmarked to make a strong impact with listeners.

Josiah De Disciple collaborates with a range of talents including Khanya De Vocalist, Kingtalkzin, Buhlebendalo, and others.

The guests showcase a diverse range of voices and rhythms, creating a collaborative magic that defines the essence of Satori.

The album is a testament to Josiah’s ability to transcend musical norms, keeping the sound of Amapiano alive while infusing ethereal elements.

To pre-order “Satori” and embark on the odyssey with Josiah de Disciple, head to your favourite streaming platform and add the album to your library.


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