Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio This Friday With Kelvin Momo

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South African amapiano producer Kelvin Momo joins Nandi Madida via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest track, the Babalwa M collab “Amalobolo (feat. Stixx & Nia Pearl).”

He also discusses the meaning behind his album, ‘Kurhula,’ finding his creative lane, and how he creates music that resonates. 

Kelvin Momo tells Apple Music how He Prioritises Albums
I think it started with me believing in myself, telling myself that this is something I want people to listen to, and I prayed about it. I was like, you know… ‘God, I’m gonna do this and I hope it works out’. It’s really hard to find your own lane when it comes to dropping albums, so when I started this thing of dropping in December – I started with Ivy League – it was a risk. I was willing to take the risk because of my sound. It’s ok, it’s fine, let’s risk. Then I dropped and people were really happy. I’m like ok, everything is coming along!

Kelvin Momo tells Apple Music about the Meaning Behind his Album, ‘Kurhula’
Kurhula means ‘Peace’. Whenever I work on my album, that has to be one of the most hardest things, to come up with a name. The person who came up with the name was Babalwa M. She came up with the Amukelani name and Kurhula. I always struggle with names, and then she was like ‘you always find peace nowadays whenever you work on your album… now everything’s working out, you find peace in the music’. From where we come from, we relate to our journey in the music industry. We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve suffered, it was good times and bad times, but it’s like we’ve found peace, so that’s how we named the album Kurhula.

Kelvin Momo tells Apple Music how He Creates Sounds that Resonate 
Whenever I make a song I just don’t think about it like I’m doing it for me. It’s all about the person – how they’re gonna feel, their reaction, everything. Even if maybe I, let’s say, have a gig today or later this week, I would say let me do a song but I need to think about the crowds before I do the song. It’s really nice.

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