J’Something just announced his upcoming INDOOR Tour

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Multi award-winning South African entertainer J’Something just announced his upcoming INDOOR Tour, launching in Cape Town mid-September, before moving on to Durban and Johannesburg in the later part of the year.

As many people were re-evaluating their purpose during the lockdown, J’Something turned to music to keep grounded and sane. For an artist who was accustomed to live performances and public interaction almost daily, staying home suddenly became everyone’s reality.

And so was born the beginnings of the INDOOR, a 10-track ‘Mixtape’ that he made together with some of his industry friends.

Drawing inspiration from some of the greats that have inspired and shaped him in various ways over the years, the project is a creative and emotional expression and interpretation of what he hears when listening to the iconic songs featured on the project.

Having finally completed the almost two-year-long project early this year, J decided to showcase the project live to an indoor audience.

INDOOR is produced and directed by J’Something alongside the talented Sergio Botelho and the Jazzworx team.

This first-of-its-kind tour will feature J alongside his 3 piece band performing a full-length  show, in the three major South African cities namely Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

 “I started working on this project at the very beginning of lockdown. After years of touring, performing, and sharing music with people, to being told that entertainment was the least essential craft. As a professional, a talented, hardworking artist who had put their whole life into their craft, this was the most hurtful thing to be told’,

stated J’Something and added, 

“That is why INDOOR is very close to my heart, it kept my fire burning through the lockdown, gave me direction and purpose in my craft. And now that it’s finally ready,  I can’t wait to share it with the world.”


1. Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison]
2. Shesha Geza [De Mthuda & Njelic]
3. Everything I wanted [Billie Eilish]
4. Aint no sunshine [Bill Withers]
5. Zwakala [Stimela]
6. Church Bells [Mi Casa]
7. Suga ft Ezkll and Junaid [DJ Mshega]
8. It Runs Through Me [Tom Misch]
9. Butterflies [Michael Jackson]
10. Over the Rainbow [Cosmic Gate]


Venue:           The HCC Homecoming Centre – Star Theatre Cape Town 
Date:              Thursday, 15th Sept – Friday, 16th Sept 2022 
Time:              Thurs 6pm – 11pm (BOOK HERE)
                       Fri 6pm -11pm (BOOK HERE)
Tickets:           Limited tickets available now via Computicket at R350

 Venue:          The Bond Shed, Durban 
Date:              Friday, 21st October – Saturday, 22nd October 2022 
Time:              Fri 6pm – 11pm (BOOK HERE)
                      Sat 6pm – 11pm (BOOK HERE)
Tickets:          Limited tickets available now via Computicket at R350 (BOOK HERE)

Venue:            Vodaworld, Johannesburg 
Date:               Friday, 02nd December – Saturday, 03rd December 2022 
Time:              Fri 6pm -11pm (BOOK HERE)
                       Sat 6pm – 11pm (BOOK HERE)
Tickets:           Limited tickets available now via Computicket at R350 (BOOK HERE

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