DrumPope Aims for Guinness World Record with Most Releases

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DrumPope, celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions to music, is on the cusp of making history with a bold Guinness World Record attempt. The ambitious endeavor? To achieve the “Most Digital Single Releases by a Music Act in a Year.”

Born Frans Phetole Lebepe, DrumPope has carved a niche in the music industry through his innovative compositions and dynamic approach.

Mentored by industry giants like DJ Sbu, Oskido, and Zonke, DrumPope’s journey has been shaped by their profound influence, leading to collaborations with esteemed artists such as Zonke, DJ Sbu, Oskido, and Lady Zamar.

His latest quest for the Guinness World Record represents a pinnacle of his career, aiming to release an unprecedented 1100 songs within a year. Currently, he has already released 30% of this ambitious goal, marking a significant milestone in his journey towards musical excellence.

To achieve this feat, DrumPope has partnered with key sponsors who provide crucial support. AMPD Studios at Newtown Junction Mall will serve as the venue for his continuous recording sessions, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities courtesy of Mackie South Africa. MTN Callertunez joins as the official release platform, ensuring exclusive access for South Africans to experience each milestone of this historic journey.

Content Connect Africa will handle the digital distribution, ensuring global accessibility to DrumPope’s musical offerings. Meanwhile, Blue Still Water provides essential encouragement and support, reinforcing DrumPope’s determination amidst the challenges of this monumental task.

Expressing gratitude to his sponsors, DrumPope emphasizes their unwavering support and belief in pushing creative boundaries. “This Guinness World Record attempt is not just about breaking records but about showcasing the global potential of South African music,” he asserts.

As DrumPope continues his relentless pursuit of musical innovation, supported by his collaborative network and sponsors, the world eagerly anticipates witnessing history in the making. Stay tuned as DrumPope sets out to redefine global music through the vibrant sounds of South Africa, one digital single at a time.

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